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Just because you have solar it doesn't mean you have power when there is a black out. The power company has a fail safe requirement that your system turns off when the grid goes down so it doesn't harm any Rocky Mountain Power employees working to get the power back on. We have three different type of battery options that we have tested and are proud to offer to Utah homeowners. These batteries also qualify for a 26% federal tax incentive until the end of 2022.
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Battery is the best option but we have ways to make your solar still work when the power is down. Check out our secure power supply option.

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Lion Energy Sanctuary Battery

Lion Energy from American Fork, Utah is one of the most incredible batteries made. It only works with Lion Energy's inverters which is okay because one inverter is capable of handling 40.5 kw of storage. (3 batteries at 13.5kw each) Each inverter will push about 35 amps each so 2 inverters will push 70 amps and 3 inverters will push 105 amps. However they can handle additional amps by adding an additional 35 amps per inverter when adding 2 batteries to one inverter. 1 inverter 2 batteries is 70 amps, 2 inverters and 2 batteries each will push 140 amps. They didn't stop there the battery combo will run 90 amps for 10 seconds as needed to start a lot of your breakers when the power goes out. 13.5kw batteries are priced at $5000 each.
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We have partnered with one of the leading battery manufactures behind other batteries that rebrand their batteries and claim them as their own. You'll save money buying directly from us as we buy directly from the manufactuerer from Lindon, Utah. Their inverters are stackable and each one is rated for 25 amps continuously off-grid. 2 inverters will push 50 amps, 3 inverters will push 75 amps and 4 inverters push 100 amps. The average home will not use more than 70 amps continuously per day even with the air conditioner on. Each battery cabinet holds 5.12kw worth of storage. With 5000 watts of output per battery 2 batteries will push 10000 watts 3 batteries will push out 15000 watts and 4 batteries will push out 20000 watts. Batteries retail for $3700 each. Discount pricing with more than one battery purchased.

30% Federal tax credit on solar powered batteries was extended! You didn't miss out ignore the sales guys out there saying it's disappearing.

Give us a call so we can see if your home is a good fit not only for solar but for battery. If you currently have a solar system and want to add storage we can do that as well while still getting you your 30% tax credit.

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