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Why Choose Utah Roof and Solar?

Utah Roof and Solar is a local, Utah-based solar panel installation company, servicing most of Northern and Central Utah.

Our passion is helping our neighbors become energy independent. We envision a future where all Utahns own the energy they need to live. It’s no secret that energy bills are sky-high across the country and that energy prices will continue to rise. Our skilled professionals understand the needs of Utah homeowners and can design and install a solar panel system that works for both you and your budget. Our mission is to help you achieve energy independence, financial independence, and a more sustainable lifestyle through solar power.

Best Installations

Our goal is to provide solar panel systems designed to save homeowners the maximum amount of money and gain energy independence. Licensed and certified electricians and construction engineers are hands-on with each Utah Roof and Solar installation. Our professional project managers keep installs on schedule and completed within 45 – 60 days not 90-120 days. We power up the system, teach you about your equipment, and schedule inspections.

Best Products

In 2016 ownership began designing solar panel systems to bring solar energy to Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming homeowners. Each part of the system can affect the performance and reliability of the whole. The highest-efficiency solar panel may not perform well in a poorly designed system. Our tested systems work together to give Utah’s best efficiency, reliability, durability, and price. We have panels with 25 year warranty labors for the price of other’s without labor warranty.

Best People & Service

At Utah Roof and Solar, our most important resource is our team. We hire licensed and certified experts and people that we train and develop to achieve their best. One thing we all share in common is a passion for helping our neighbors become energy independent. We envision a future where all Utahns own the energy they need to live.


Simple 4-Step System

  • 1
    Roof Inspection

    We inspect your roof to make sure you have a good life on your roof. We climb into your attic to make sure that the roof can support the weight. If roof needs replacement we can finance both it will add about $40-50 a month.

  • 2
    Electrical Inspection

    It's important that your electrical panel was originally or recently installed correctly. We make sure there is space for a couple more breakers. The bus bar rating must be able to hand the amount of electricity from the solar system.

  • 3
    Energy Evaluation

    We pour over your electrical consumption and future plans with your electrical use. Are you getting an EV? We build a proposal with panels that meet your needs and budge. We go over the proposal with you and answer any questions you have.

  • 4
    Install Solar System

    From date of signature and install it should be 45-60 days max. We are at the mercy of permitting and the supply chain of products if you request products not in stock in our warehouse. You will get monitoring with your system and a labor workmanship warranty.

Solar Panels

We have a wide range of solar panels available. From the most beautiful and most expensive solar panels to the budget friendly solar panels for those not worried about aesthetics. All our installs come with a workmanship warranty and labor warranty. We have panels for every budget.


Not all inverters are the same. We have micro inverters, string inverters and hybrid inverters. It's important to know the pros and cons of both before deciding how you want to build your system. Whether optimizers are needed or not we have all the tools and knowledge to help you figure it out.


We have a wide range of batteries because not all batteries work with all string inverters or hybrid inverters. Long story short there are AC coupled batteries (covert dc to ac back to dc for battery storage) and DC coupled batteries (covert dc power to the battery then covert to AC for normal use before battery is drained first) We have both for half the price starting at about 4k for a 13.5kw battery.

Last day we can guarantee our install before the 26% tax credit expires 

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